Resin laminated glass


Also known as: resine laminated safety glass, stratobel resine, stadip protect resine.

Laminated glass with resin.

New Glass Technology use the most advanced laminating glass possibilities, such as the lamination by means of resin a laminated glass can be constructed. This resin is specially formulated for making reliable safety glass. The layer of resin is poured between the glass and ensures a superior safety aspect. In addition, resin layers offers interesting opportunities for sound insulation and design. The application of the resin intermediate layer is as follows. The two sheets of glass are held by a double-sided adhesive tape at a certain distance, after which the resulting cavity is filled up with resin. After the curing the laminated glass with resin practically has the same properties as a laminated glass with foil.

This resin laminated glass meets all global standards and can be used in every situation.
We set the properties for you at a glance:

  • Resin laminated glass can be applied with a desired and variable layer thickness
  • Resin laminated glass can be colored
  • Laminating with resin prevents the glass shards falling apart after an impact.
  • Resin laminated glass is qualified for a wide range to be used for security purposes
  • Laminating with resin has excellent soundproofing properties
  • Resin laminated glass is flexible and can be used in curved and other complex forms

This process is used for certain types of patterned glass, mirrors, antique restoration glass, complex curved glass etc.