X-ray lead glass


Also known as: radiation resistant glass, leaded X-ray glass, radiation shielding glass x-ray lead glass, Anti-X glass SUPERCONTRYX, crystal clear radiation protection glass, RD 30 glass, RD 50 glass.

Radiation shielding x-ray lead glass from New Glass Technology provides a clear view while protecting against gamma and x-ray radiation. Whereas x-ray lead glass RD 30 is used for low-voltage x-ray tubes, x-ray lead glass RD 50 is designed to withstand exposure to high-voltage x-rays and gamma radiation. This makes both products en an ideal choice in finding highly flexible solutions for hospitals, medical offices and research laboratories.

Reliable Shielding and clear view

The New Glass Technology x-ray lead glass solution provides radiation comparable to that of solid lead. Lead oxide accounts for 65 percent of the weight of x-ray lead glass RD 50 and 22 percent of x-ray lead glass RD 30. New Glass Technology's anti-radiation glasses are ideal transparent alternatives to other shielding materials.

Clear as glass and just as effective

Thanks to its high density, x-ray lead glass RD 50 achieves high x-ray radiation absorption even when the glass is very thin. It meets the standards outlined by the European Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. X-ray lead glass RD 50 meets the requirements defined in DIN EN 61331-2 and IEC 61331-2. Colourless x-ray lead glass RD 30 is used in electrical medical devices manufactured according to DIN EN 60601-2-45.

Perfectly clear viewing

Glass is more scratch-resistant than plastic, giving it a clear advantage over other synthetic materials. Radiationshielding glasses from New Glass Technology provide high UV stability and are designed to offer many years of service if properly maintained.

Versatile in use

New Glass Technology radiation shielding glasses are well-suited for use in viewing and communication windows, door and panorama glazing, radiation protection for doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel. X-ray lead glass RD 30 panes allow for closer proximity to patients during mammography screening. They are also ideal for use in apparatus engineering. X-ray lead glass RD 50 can be used in buildings, x-ray rooms, operation rooms, radiation stations, offices, material testing and research laboratories.

Made-to-measure service

New Glass technology delivers x-ray lead glass RD 50 and x-ray lead glass RD 30 radiation shielding glasses up to the maximum dimensions in every conceivable geometric shape. Upon request, New Glass Technology processes its radiation shielding glasses with a variety of different treatments: edge and bevelled grinding or holes and openings are every bit as possible as further processing into a glass laminate for even greater functionality. X-ray lead glass RD 50 and X-ray lead glass RD 30 can be processed into cast resin, film laminates and insulating glass, and it can be screen printed. Both products en are also available as x-ray lead glass RD 50 Privacy glass and x-ray lead glass RD 30 Privacy glass.